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6/28/2012 - Biscuit Bake-Off 2012
At Biscuitville, we’ve taken making biscuits the old fashioned way quite seriously since 1966. So seriously, in fact, we hold a Biscuit Bake-Off each year to celebrate the best of the best! In theory, making biscuits seems quite simple. You use three ingredients: flour, buttermilk and shortening. You mix, knead, roll, cut and bake them. However, it takes talent to make the perfect biscuit. When you watch our biscuitmakers, they seem almost lost in creating a masterpiece. They produce hundreds and hundreds of biscuits with perfection, precision, and pride every day. Don’t let the simplicity of the idea fool you. It’s definitely artistry at its finest.

Click Here For The Complete List of Winners

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